Les gens qui vivent dans cette époque troublé sont sois aveugle de l’imminente destruction de l’humanité ou sont prêts à se battre pour la survie de celle-ci. Les autres sont tout simplement devenus fou. Il est alors tout t’a fais normal pour l’humanité de se réunir autour de chef charismatique, sous le drapeau d’une nation ou dans la prière pour se réconforter et trouver refuge dans l’adversité. Pourtant l’histoire de l’humanité n’est pas une d’entente et de paix mais plutôt une histoire remplie de conflit; même la peur de la fin du monde n’empêche pas la nature de l’homme. C’est ainsi que le monde de cthulhutech est polluer par le factionnalisme et d’ hommes et femmes cherchant la gloire et le prestige. Même La guerre d’Aeon se poursuit aussi dans l’ombre et les seules qui profitent de ces combats interne sont les ennemies de l’humanité.


A character can belong to only one faction at any given time, but the character is free to change factions as he sees fit. To change a faction it will cost the character 3 Prestige Points per current level. When changing to a new faction the character keeps his Fame score and any faction traits, but loses all Prestige Points in the old faction.

A faction can be any group including: Person, Group, Organization, Nation, Belief System, Ethical Philosophy or a Moral Philosophy.

Each Faction comes with many different benefits including: Gear, Prestige Traits, aid, favors or access to information.


Fame represent the character’s reputation and the favours that can be accessible within the faction

Fame is the total number of Prestige Points earned in a faction. Your Fame score remains static, but it can be raised with various traits, feat, talents, class abilities and by the GM. Anytime you gain a Prestige Point, your Fame score is also raised for the same amount. As well, if you gain a Fame Point, you also gain a Prestige Point.

Typically a GM will reward the character with 1 or 2 Prestige Points after the character has successfully completes an assignment for his faction, this raises your Fame score total.

You begin play with a Fame equal to your character level + your Charisma modifier. Your Fame ranges from –100 to 100, with 0 representing a lack of any notoriety. Through the course of the campaign, your words and deeds help you build a reputation.

Many modern traits have a Fame bonus associated with it. If taken, the character should choose a faction that is compatible with the chosen trait.

Reputation Bonus

For every 10 points of Fame, a character gains a cumulative +1 Reputation
bonus on Diplomacy checks within that faction or specified roll.

Sphere Of Influence

Your reputation travels only as far as the tales of your deeds. Even if you are a great hero in your homeland, when traveling elsewhere you will soon discover that your reputation diminishes until you eventually reach regions where you are completely unrecognized. The greater your reputation, the farther it travels and the broader your Sphere of Influence.

Your Fame determines the maximum range of your Sphere of Influence. Outside your Sphere of Influence, your Fame is 0. You can attempt to expand your Sphere of Influence into a new settlement by attempting a DC 30 Charisma, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check. If you succeed, you treat the settlement as being within your Sphere of Influence for 1d4 days, though your Fame is effectively halved for that settlement. After this time, the settlement reverts to being outside your sphere.

Prestige Points

Prestige Points represent your ability to leverage your Fame. You earn Prestige Points (PP) by completing objectives during the course of play. The GM decides which deeds, goals, or story elements are most important and awards players for completing them accordingly.

Your current Prestige Points can never exceed your Fame. You can’t share Prestige Points with other characters; only the character who earned them can spend them. Most of the time, you spend points on rewards—titles, temporary abilities, or bonuses on tasks associated with your interests.

Prestige Traits

Spending Prestige Points earns you Prestige Traits—temporary bonuses or favors. Each time you want to use an Prestige Traits, you must spend the Prestige Points for that traits.
Unless otherwise stated, bonuses from spending Prestige Points do not stack. Spending Prestige Points on a reward is not an action. You may only spend Prestige Points within your Sphere of Influence.You must have at least the listed Fame to select a Prestige traits

Titles are a special category of Prestige Traits that is permanent instead of temporary. Unless a title’s description says otherwise, you can only select a particular title once.

Alter Egos, Aliases, And Secret Identities

Throughout the course of your adventuring career, your public persona and your true personality might drift begin to drift apart or become notably disparate. When this occurs, you may change your name and adopt an alter ego or alias in order to rid yourself of your prior reputation. In this case, your Fame and Prestige Points remain with your former name, allowing you to shed your former life and start a new one.

With an alter ego, you create an artificial persona to show the public. You wear a mask or costume to hide your true identity. When performing deeds as your alter ego, you develop its Fame instead of your own. Only when presenting yourself as the alter ego can you use its Fame and Prestige Points to your advantage. If it’s revealed that your two identities are actually the same person, your Fame and Prestige Points may change when dealing with those who have found out.

The unspeakable Horrors

There have always been stories of things that go bump in the
night. However, those stories rarely showed up in evening news
footage. The terrible creatures that once lurked only in the deepest
shadows and darkest places have now come out into the
light. Gaunts serve ambitious sorcerers in arcology back alleys.
Dhohanoids hide in plain sight, the secret arm of the Chrysalis
Corporation. Gibbering Horrors insanely babble leading Rapine
Storm invasions. There are many unspeakable horrors in the
world and this chapter introduces you to some of them.

Chaque horreurs de ce monde est séparé par type en voici la liste:

  • metaterrestrials
  • Dhohanoids
  • Beast
  • Abberation
  • Outsiders
  • Undead

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